Where would you buy if you could buy anything in Devon?

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Happymummy3108 Fri 26-Jul-13 19:00:12


Apologies for another "what's it like to live in your area?" post but I'm getting rather desperate!

We've sold our house and we're having very little success in finding a suitable rental so we are now considering jumping in with both feet and buying without really knowing the areas.

So far, I like Kenn/Kennford, I like some of the villages near Okehampton but have concerns being based there. I love villages in and around Honiton and Ottery St. Mary.

Exeter, as lovely as it is, it's just not for me; city/town life never as been. I love village life but not overly rural village life hence why Kenn/Kennford holds such appeal.

Can you lovely ladies let me have your thoughts, if you had a budget of 350K and a busy two year old where would you live and why?

Thanks so much,


EggFlipped Fri 26-Jul-13 21:28:16

Bovey Tracey

EggFlipped Fri 26-Jul-13 21:31:54

Woodbury - friendly village. Quite a lot of young families.
Teignmouth - by the sea. Great park at the Den. Good cafes & shops.
Shaldon - v pretty. Great cafes & restaurants. Good primary school.
Exmouth - beach, parks, cafes. Lots of families.
Bovey Tracey - nice shops, park, countryside around.

MadChickenLady Mon 29-Jul-13 18:37:01

Broadclyst. Tons going on and it's not far from Exeter if you want to just nip in.

CiderPunk Tue 30-Jul-13 20:34:06

I think Ottery or Kennford would be your best bet from that list - both have a villagey feel and are very close to Exeter, so you can just get the highlights!

350K will get you very different things depending on where you settle. East Devon tends to be more expensive than Teignbridge, although they're similar in many ways. Torbay is very cheap, mainly due to the high crime rate for Devon. What are your family's "must-haves" in terms of transport links, schools, etc?

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