Family with 4 children in Bradninch have lost everything in a house fire

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MadChickenLady Wed 24-Jul-13 12:29:03

Can you help? There are a couple of web addresses for collecting stuff for them to start afresh. The children are boy 10, boy 9, girl 6, boy 4. Here is the email I received earlier.

Following the news of the Lush family losing all their possessions in a house fire in the early hours of yesterday morning, I write to extend the plea that has been made.

The Children are 3 boys who are just coming to the end of Year 5, 4 and just finishing pre-school, and a girl who is at the end of year 1. I don’t have exact kids sizes, but this should give you a rough guide.

More info for donations:
Women's shoes size: 5/6
Women's clothes: size 10

Men's shoes size: 9
Men's clothes:
Waist 32 inch, Leg 34 inch
Tops size: large

Boys shoes: size 5, size 2 & size 11
Girls shoes: size 13

Donations should be clearly marked ‘LUSH FAMILY’ and taken to Broadclyst Post Office, where Debbie has offered to act as a collection base/holding area.

Please also see (for money donations):

or for general donations (toys etc.)

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