Meet-up in June?

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Bluestocking Wed 22-May-13 19:53:31

Hello Exeter MNers - would anyone be interested in a meet-up next month? If Thursdays are a good evening for most people, shall we aim for Thursday 27 June?
Let me know if you are interested, via the thread or a pm, and I hope to meet some of you soon.

CiderPunk Tue 28-May-13 23:13:34

Hello! Yep I'm up for it. Several people have asked for another crafty booze-up... In the meantime I know that our friend in St Thomas is keen to organise something this coming weekend - have a look in the meet-ups area...

Rutwe Sat 01-Jun-13 07:45:09

Actually I am cancelling today's meet up as I guess because it's the end of half term people are aware and no- one has confirmed, hoping a few St Thomas & Exwick mums can make the 27th as you propose, I should be able to so see you then! Ruth

CiderPunk Tue 04-Jun-13 19:52:31

Hiya! not wanting to tread on any toes Bluestocking but a couple of people have since said that they find Thursdays a bit tricky, so I've gone for Friday 21st June for the next meet-up - hope that sounds okay? Details are all in the Exeter Centre meet-ups thingy smile

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