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jaynie1703 Mon 18-Mar-13 21:01:28

My little girl who is 5 was nearly sexually assaulted in the play cafe in torquay. She was followed into the toilet by two boys both slightly older than her. I followed her in and caught the boys pulling down her trousers. I shouted at the boys and they ran off. I spoke to the manager and found the boys in question with their mother and she just told the mother there had been an allegation one of the boys admitted it because they were leaving the manager just let them go no apology from their mother or anything and no apology from the play cafe so any parents going there please be extra vigilant I won't be foing again my daughters safety is more important

moortosea Tue 19-Mar-13 00:23:59

that's terrible, you must be shaken up,

I would phone 101, let the police know, at least they can give advice to the proprietor on how to handle future situations.

Those children are very odd, did the mother seem surprised?

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