Meet up - Exeter outskirts

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AnnaBonnett Sun 10-Feb-13 23:01:29

Sounds good Hannah we'll come along!

HannahMR Fri 08-Feb-13 08:42:59

March has been lovely weather over the past couple of years, albeit abut nippy! But I've been inspired by others and thought maybe we should go for a nice walk at Haldon Hill?

The Discovery route is 1.5 miles and has benches along the way. It is suitable for prams, or wear slings.

Parking is flippin' expensive £3 I think for a couple of hours but we could arrange car sharing. There is a cafe too, or we could take a picnic.

It's all rather ambitious in this unpredictable weather, but I went up there the other day and the views are amazing!!

What do you think??

CiderPunk Mon 04-Feb-13 20:42:04

Excellent, excellent smile I will put my name down and if it's a non-work day I will come along!

HannahMR Mon 04-Feb-13 01:49:18

Heres that link again!

Hannah x

HannahMR Sun 03-Feb-13 21:40:55


If you live just outside Exeter, I will be arranging a meet sometime in the near future. More details to follow, but in the meantime, please join the meet up group (link - ) so that I know who's interest so can hopefully cater accordingly.

Please feel free to comment below on any ideas, places, dates, preferences, day or night, drunk or sober etc and hopefully we can have a meet sometime soon!

Let's get cracking!!

Hannah x

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