Substance over style...

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CiderPunk Sun 06-Jan-13 21:15:17

Earlier I was planning my week using my day-to-view timed appointments diary and 4-coloured biro (different colours for school, work, clubs, and me).

Suddenly I had a flashback a time when my diary was a sprawling journal of gig flyers, phone numbers, cartoons and guitar chords all in turquoise or purple fountain pen...

Same thing for my coat - now a sensible, kidney-covering waterproof with hood (for buggy-pushing in rain) in a bright colour so that kids can spot me easily in the park, when once upon a time I refused to wear anything quilted, unfitted, zipped or not vintage/customised...

Fortunately I don't really mind!

philippa86 Sun 06-Jan-13 23:46:21

You are not alone! I look like a bright pink marshmallow in my "winter coat" and hate that I own so much "practical" clothing. As soon as I can afford a nanny to look after the kids, a tutor to home educate my eldest, a cleaner to do the housework, a personal trainer to slim me down and have change left over for a new "skinny minny, hot mamma" wardrobe then I will have no need for hideous comfy shoes or enormous duvet like coats and will be able to live the glamorous life that i will probably never have! lol!

CiderPunk Mon 07-Jan-13 19:22:21

Oh yes, comfy shoes... And no suede, it rubs too much when you're crawling about on the floor...

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