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Any help or advice appreciated - Kenton Exeter

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NordicFi2 Sat 12-Jan-13 15:01:23

Kenton is a lovely village. Benefiting from the facilty of Powderam castle though can be noisy in the summer with events and concerts. It has Starcross train station 1 mile up the road. Other schools in area are Starcross and Cockwood. Starcross is a larger school with individal classes for each year and a swimming pool. Cockwood is smaller but more cosy depending upon the needs of your child.

Jh352 Wed 02-Jan-13 18:19:52

Kenton is a small village, has primary school, 2 pubs, village shop, but nearest secondary is Dawlish, or travel to Exeter. Busy traffic getting to Exeter if you need to work there. There are many nice villages also between Exeter & Crediton, like Brampford Speke, Thorverton, Newton St Cyres.

daxter Sat 29-Dec-12 11:06:36

Hi everyone.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas smile x

I would really appreciate any help and advice on an area in Exeter that me and my family are considering moving too. We are currently in north devon. Lived here for almost twelve years. But are now looking at different areas of exeter. Surrounding villaged. Not central. Someone recommended Kenton.

Can anyone give me more info pls. Primary and secondary schools. Etc etc.

Many thanks smile

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