Relocated to Exeter - house to rent?

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NMM Tue 19-Jun-12 13:32:13

Hi Natalie,

We also moved from London in Feb this year (we have a 29mo). We found that decent properties seem to be snapped up very quickly. A lot of the larger properties seem to be student lets, so realistically the number of really decent family homes in a nice area seemed to be pretty slim. We 'phoned 'round all of the estate agents and dropped in to see some of them and found that they were very friendly and actually 'phoned us in advance of decent properties coming onto the public market.

Hope that helps!

cheekychunks Thu 14-Jun-12 13:43:44

Hi, we are a professional family with a 21 month year old and two cats. We recently moved from London to Exeter and are looking for a house to rent in the St Leonard's area or Central Exeter.
We are ideally looking for a two/three bed period property with a garden or outside space. If you know of anyone looking for tenants please let us know. We rent our own property in London so are very sympathetic to being a Landlord and are very considerate tenants.
Currently we are living with Family and so are really keen to find somewhere soon so we can properly settle, start making friends and our new life down here.

Thank you for reading

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