nail bar?

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Loveleopardprint Wed 11-Jul-12 11:58:31

Uk nails in the harlequins centre do gel nails. V clean. Helen the best technician. She owns it.

whenhenshaveteeth Wed 06-Jun-12 14:29:43


I'd like to get my nails done before going on hols - 24 week pregnant so getting to my toenails is becoming trickier...

Could anyone recommend somewhere, possibly where they do shellack? When it comes to my hair I tend to like the "luxury" experience i.e, a relaxing place like Aveda or similar but it comes to my nails I find that these places always do crap manicures and pedicures. So I'm more after a nail bar, that's efficient but not too expensive.

Any idea? Oh, btw I'm in St Leonard and will be travelling by foot so it has to be central.


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