Moving to Exeter.

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purplecake Tue 08-May-12 21:59:29

Hopefully anyway!
Can anybody give me any advice about primary and secondary schools as I am not that familiar with the area. We are looking at both Clyst Vale and St James School, any insights on either of these?
Any help appreciated

Kenworthington Tue 08-May-12 22:04:59

I dont know much about st James but I know several friends with kids at clyst vale and afaik they seem happy with it. Two have moved there from the same school that ds1 goes to which is a v small private and they've adjusted very well there.
Exeter is a lovely place to live smile when are you hoping to move and from where?

KirstyJC Tue 08-May-12 22:09:02

My friend has 2 daughters at Clyst Vale and she really rates it. Exeter is lovely!

purplecake Tue 08-May-12 22:21:41

We are moving from the Isle of Wight, hopefully looking at moving in the summer but this is all dependent on DH getting work.
It's all a bit daunting as I know so little about the city. Ideally i would like to be pretty near the city but somewhere greenish.
Clyst Vale sounds hopeful though.We are visiting in a couple of weeks so will get a better idea.
what is the area around Stoke Hill and Beacon Heath like?

Kenworthington Wed 09-May-12 13:44:22

To be honest well stoke hill is ok but I wouldn't want to live there. beacon Heath is a bit more on the rough end! Pennsylvania is nice as is st Leonard's though st Leonard's is more pricey. Heavitree is v popular with lots of amenities a brilliant park and walking distance to town. St Thomas is coming up a bit and close to the river and easy five min walk to town and the historic quayside as d cycle routes as far as to the seaside smile (that was terrible grammar sorry!!)
Wonford, exwick, beacon Heath, whipton: not so nice IMO and I have lived here ALL my life!!

purplecake Wed 09-May-12 19:37:26

Thanks kenworthington, that's so helpful.I've been consulting my Exeter A-Z with your advice in mind. I like the sound of Heavitree, the park and proximity to city is appealing, but I wonder about school bus services to Clyst vale? Is there a good primary school in the area?
What are your thoughts about Pinhoe?Just ignore me if too many questions, i'm just excited to get some insider info!

DanceToTheIslandBeat Sat 12-May-12 14:15:08

There is a major downside (imo) to secondaries within Exeter City in that they don't have a 6th form. Clyst Vale does as it's outside the City boundaries. It depends what age your children are etc. Clyst Vale has a good reputation. If you were wanting your DC to go there then you would want to be in Pinhoe or in one of the villages that way ie Broadclyst, Whimple. I think you may not get a place living in Heavitree (I have no idea how admissions work though) and the traffic may make the journey lengthy for DC (there is a very good bus service from the city centre to Broadclyst every 30 mins though).

Pinhoe is nice, good primary, 2 preschools, library, doctors, parks, shop etc. Good for transport, v close to J29 M5 and has a train station (infrequent service though) and v well served for buses. It's a bit twixt & tween in that you're too far to easily walk into town but without the greenery of real countryside.

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