Does anyone know about the Exeter Montessori school?

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duchesse Thu 16-Feb-12 01:46:50

I know the St Leonards one has shut, but does anyone know of any plans to reopen a new one anywhere in Exeter? I think I heard say that many of the staff of the shut one had gone to work at a daycare nursery that is not Montessori, but it would be nice to know if there are any plans afoot to reopen a school that goes to age 7/8.

Many thanks in advance!

katekitkat Thu 16-Feb-12 19:34:37

Hi, I am totally new to exeter but my daughter is currently attending the nursery that the montessori staff went to from st Leonards. It is called Scribblez and is based on Marsh Barton. I have no idea about any plans for a new school but I can say that although Scribblez is not Montessori accredited they are holding by its principles and have all the Montessori equipment available and are using it. Everything is nice and new looking and the staff there are making a huge effort. Although numbers are lowish at the moment, especially in the 3-5 year age group, it seems like it is filling up. The bonus to there being low numbers at the moment is that the children get lots of dedicated attention.

I hope that helps...

duchesse Thu 16-Feb-12 22:20:55

Thank you Kate, that is good to know. D already goes to a nursery 1 whole day a week- I wonder if I could send to a different one as well for another few sessions a week. I do so like the Montessori method but Marsh Barton is a terrible location for us to get to.

UniS Tue 21-Feb-12 23:18:55

There is a montessori school in chagford, about 15-20 miles west of exeter. Not sure there are currently any 7 yr olds attending, seems to be all preschoolers then they go to local primaries in yr R or 1.

duchesse Fri 02-Mar-12 21:04:59

Thank you Unis- that's a bit further than I'd like to be travelling (about 45 mn from our house). I'm really upset about the Exeter one closing- that at least was achievable even just a few hours a day. Am wondering about the cathedral school but really didn't like it the last time we visited (which was a long time ago so it may have changed). We really loved the Montessori system for DD2 and were hoping to be able to do the same for DD3.

TheHonMrsP Fri 02-Mar-12 21:11:04

DD goes to the Topsham Montessori (we are in Exeter) we were looking at the St Leonards one before it shut. Marsh Barton is a pig to get to for us as well, and also wanted a 'Nursery school' rather than 'Day nursery' approach.

duchesse Sun 04-Mar-12 12:37:10

Thank you! Do you know if they have any spaces at Topsham? They don't seem to have a web site. And is it easy to park where they are?

DD is a late August birthday so I'm really not keen on her starting reception at just 4. Two of my older children are summer borns and it wasn't a good choice for them. I'd much rather she stayed in nursery till she's 5.

Bert44 Mon 26-Mar-12 14:47:25

I know the New nursery Scribblez in Marsh Barton. It is great, yes it is a day nursery but within it they have a Montessori room with all the Montessori equipment and qualified and well experienced Montessori staff in this room. It is not accreciated as yet but I have asked them about this and they have plans. Ideally they would want more children in this room before they set this in action. The manager worked at the Exeter Montessori and took them through the accreditation successfully there. You should contact them and go and have a look as I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Hope this helps.

Yvette21 Sun 30-Dec-12 11:15:48

There is a new Montessori unit opening at St Wilfrid's School in Exeter (near Exeter College) in April 2013. The school itself goes up to age 16. The Montessori unit is for children aged 3 - 5 years.

PinhoePinhole Mon 31-Dec-12 14:51:36

Wow yvette that's great to know. Dd2 is a summer birthday and i can't see me wanring her to start school at just 4.

PinhoePinhole Mon 07-Jan-13 18:48:19

Yvette, I can't find any more info on this?

Yvette21 Sun 27-Jan-13 11:07:50

If you phone the school 01392 276171 and ask to speak to Mrs Dent, she will have more information. Good luck!

MadChickenLady Sun 14-Apr-13 20:45:18

Does anybody have any more info on the St Wilfrid's nursery?

MissFloParker Tue 16-Apr-13 18:41:10

I was wondering too...

sniggy02 Fri 24-May-13 13:18:29

the most recent information that I have is that the nursery class is opening in September but it is not necessarily montessori.

MadChickenLady Sat 01-Jun-13 10:22:39

I rang them about 6 weeks ago and they said the unit wouldn't be opening until January at the earliest. Shame...

ExeterMontessoriApproachSchool Fri 14-Jun-13 09:22:19

Hi, I am hoping/planning to start Montessori Approach Pre School in Exeter from September 2013 - please message me with your interest to find out how many parents maybe interested to register.
The Venue is: Grosvenor Place, Exeter EX1 2HJ

efd1 Sun 16-Jun-13 23:03:33

Just out of interest I saw an ad in last Thursday's express & Echo saying about a pre-prep opening at St Wilfrid's school in January that's Montessori inspired.

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