Buckfastleigh for a family?

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AppleOrchid Wed 29-Jun-11 12:49:08

Hello! Advice needed please. Does anyone live in Buckfastleigh?

I live in the sticks outside Totnes and now I've got a baby (four months old) it's totally impractical. We are renting and as anyone in the area can tell you, the rental market is terrible in South Devon unless you have a huge budget - many of the nicer places are second homes and it's very tricky to find somewhere. Nothing suitable has come up in Ashburton, Totnes etc and we are really keen to move now.

Yesterday, we saw a lovely little place in Buckfastleigh - it's just right, and within our budget. Only problem is, we don't know the town and have heard some fairly negative things about the place... lots of unemployment, social problems etc.

If you live there and can shed any light on what it's like for families, it'd be hugely helpful...

Thank you!

harleymummy Thu 30-Jun-11 23:00:52

from what i know about the area its not great in terms of public transport etc, have you thought about moving to anywhere a bit more into civilisation? maybe newton abbot, exeter or plymouth? admittedly all of these have their rougher areas, but there are some decent places that dont cost too much.... i think it all depends on where you want to live, and if you have anywhere you DONT want to be.... sorry if ive been a bit useless, 30 weeks pregnant and brain doesnt work after about 2pm!

AppleOrchid Mon 04-Jul-11 15:00:17

Thanks for your response. While we're ready to move somewhere less rural, the places you mentioned above are a bit big - which is mad really seeing as I'm originally from London. We did another recce to Buckfastleigh at the w'end and it's not for us I don't think... We need to find a happy medium between town and country. I'm keen on Ashburton, but we haven't found anywhere suitable yet - fingers crossed something comes up soon.

Good luck with your pregnancy, 30 weeks hey? Bubs will be here before you know it!

CatCouscous Thu 01-Sep-11 11:49:50

Hi, Have you tried Moretonhampstead or Chagford? I saw some houses to rent in Moretonhampstead which are not too expensive a while ago when my boyfriend went to an interview in Chagford. We relocated to Exeter from Brixham (from London before!) and we could not find either work of accommodation in Totnes, which is where I wanted to be (Brixham is just too remote for me!). Eventually we both got work in Exeter so it made sense to move there. I haven't regretted it in the end, it's big, but it's also very green and there are LOTS of families with young children. :-)

CatCouscous Thu 01-Sep-11 12:14:32

or Bovey Tracey? I think it's quite nice.

Lells Mon 19-Sep-11 10:45:07

Hi just moved to South Hams. Can anyone advise on the two nearby secondary schools - KEVICCS, and Kingsbridge CC? Are they both good? Is one better than the other? Renting at the moment in Salcombe. Like Totnes, but then new and don't know anyone in South Hams yet. Not sure whether to stay renting in Salcombe or move to Kingsbridge or Totnes. It will also depend on school. Any advice much appreciated. Thx

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