Magdalen Court School

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bbbiscuits Tue 31-May-11 19:36:53

Sorry another schools question... I've been looking at MCS and although their ofsted is not good it seems like it would suit my DC. One has a small amount of special needs and the other is bright but underachieving as totally bored at at an almost outstanding state school.

Does anyone have any recent experience?

Many thanks

emmy10 Wed 25-Apr-12 11:42:56

NO. Have you thought of trying Bramdean.....thats a cheaper...not much difference than and much better. strict but academically good and sporty. lots recently joined Bramdean from Magdalen court!!!! do a taster day

Loveleopardprint Mon 07-May-12 21:32:28

I would advise against MC. Have you thought of St Wilfred's? Believe that is a small caring school.

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