nervous about joining a mother and baby group, any advice?

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MadisonsMummy Thu 04-Mar-10 17:02:27

I'm Nic, mummy to my little princess Maddie who's 3 weeks old ...

Am starting to go a bit loopy being stuck at home and would love to make some mummy friends as none of my friends have children and so i'm keen to start going to mother and baby groups... but im really nervous!

If anyone's got any advice or goes to a group in Rayleigh or Southend that they would recommend - that would be really great...


JollyPirate Thu 04-Mar-10 17:08:14

Hello MadisonsMummy - congratulations on your little bundle - I remember it so well when my one was that age (he's 7 now and answers back lol).

I am in Basildon and am sure others will be along who are in your part of Essex - was just going to ask if you have a childrens centre anywhere near you? They are great and usually have all kinds of groups running for new mums and babies. We have several in Basildon and they are brilliant.

I remember being loopy stuck at home too and would have loved a childrens centre but they were not in existence 7 years ago.

Enjoy your little

honeybehappy Tue 23-Mar-10 18:44:23

Hi, there is a lovely one down hobleythick lane. I think they also have a baby weigh in clinic.

I havent been for about a year as my dd's are now 2 and 4 but im sure its still going.

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