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Melissaria Tue 02-Feb-10 19:01:39

Hi all - just starting to think about organising my little boy's 4th birthday party, and am well and truly stuck for venue ideas - having self-catered the past three I am desperate for a break and a hassle free one this year!

Trouble is getting the balance between size of venue and cost - the place I would most like is small, and enforces a maximum of 20 kids and 25 adults, which means excluding a lot of siblings, and restricting to one parent each - which is no good because I wanted a more social event. The bigger places are a fortune, and tend not to do private hire and I'm not so keen on letting 4 year olds loose among school age kids anyway!

My boy's not keen on animals or craft either - needs to be an active event. Any ideas or suggestions as I am getting desperate now!

iMum Tue 02-Feb-10 19:04:45

Sorry no ideas other than the usual kids kingdom/monkey bizness etc. what about mega play in rayleigh? they enforce number much tighter than the southend ones.

Other than that timbuktoo is usually quiet?

HaynesK Mon 15-Feb-10 13:36:15

Have you looked at the land of make beleive?

janekirk Mon 11-Jul-11 11:45:47

How about Marsh Farm or Barleylands. No clearing up to do afterwards as well!

Scorbyb Mon 30-Jan-12 11:00:52

The RSPB run birthday parties in Wat Tyler Park in Basildon. You can choose a theme of pirates, woodland explorers or rainforest and all the activities are outside and active, with food and cake in their discovey centre.

It's pretty resonable at about £6 a head. Think they limit kids at 30 and don't know of an adult limit!

Their contact is

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