Celebrity Spotting In Essex - Who Have You Seen?

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ElvisLovesEssex Sat 23-May-09 08:38:39

I saw Billy Murray (Johnny Allen from Enders) in the car park of the Black Horse near Brentwood.

Also, met Jade Goody in the multi-story car park in Chelmsford. I helped her carry her buggy down the stairs - I am such a help to the glitterati.

Erm, saw Dave from Blur playing darts in The Cups in Colchester. This was a long time ago though. The Cups is no longer there and, even if it were, I am sure Dave would not be visiting.

Ooh! And Zammo from Grange Hill opened a village fete in Wickham Bishops when I was a youngster. I asked for his autograph and he signed it, 'Zammo'. I think he may have been having a crisis of identity.

smartiejake Sat 23-May-09 13:55:46

I met Alison Moyet in a pub in Billericay when I was a teen and drove past Lee Evans sauntering along the road a while back.

Alaro Sat 23-May-09 14:37:53

Umm....mark owen from take that when in London one day and the Scottish comedian fred Macaulay when on holiday. Didn't know him so asked what he did for a living (blush). Made him smile though.

ElvisLovesEssex Sat 23-May-09 18:03:17

I am very jealous that you met Mark Owen - even though it was a slebspot outside of Essex.

And smartiejake, extra points for spotting two thoroughbred Essex celebrities!

Anyone seen Depeche Mode, the Prodigy, that boy from The Inbetweeners? In fact, has anyone spotted Jodie Marsh?

JeMenFous Sat 23-May-09 21:17:33

Martine McCutcheon in Pizza Express in Brentwood

Billy Murray at the gym up the top of Warley Hill Dragons?hmm

ElvisLovesEssex Sun 24-May-09 05:43:43

Another Billy Murray spot! See. Essex is a magnet to A-list celebrities grin

(just remembered, my BIL saw Billy Murray in a curry house in Shenfield)

rosieposey Tue 02-Jun-09 09:58:12

Jade Goody in Ikea at Thurrock shouting at some paps trying to take her photo and Daniella Westbrook (is that still her name?) In Lakeside shopping and wearing a matching shell suit to her (then) new hubby about 8 years ago grin

ElvisLovesEssex Tue 02-Jun-09 13:45:46

Ooh! Matching shell suits. That's an idea for mine and DH's anniversary present.

thecalpollady Tue 04-Aug-09 16:38:59

Jeff Brazier's boys were at DD2's school so chatted to him a few times. He's a top dad and even came on the school trip with the little ones. Also saw Gok Wan in Bluewater a few weeks back. Obviously doing another HTLGN.

Used to see a lot of Teddy Sheringham in our high road. Even sat next to him in Starbucks.

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