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Millieandme Fri 25-Apr-08 12:50:24


My name is Helena and Im 31, my little girl Millie is 17 months old. We live in southchurch, close to parks and kids kingdom.

I have just found this site and I wondered if anyone else lives close by? We go out quite a bit and we we would to meet a new friend to play with.

Millie is quite active now, so I also wondered if anyone knew of any fun activities (walking or driving distance) that we might not have tried. We go to sing and sign and baby gym, but now she is a bit bigger Im looking for new things to do together.

Much love from Helena and Millie xxx

jackskate Tue 10-Jun-08 12:03:18

hello my name is kate mum of Jack i have just found this web site to.Jack is only 6 months old and i would like to start introducing other babies to him as i think im starting to bore him!!!! we are going swimming next friday for the first time im a little worried about what to take who gets ready first? ill stop babbling on if you fancy a coffee and chat send a message back and we can arrange something. x smile

AmyAmy Sun 29-Jun-08 11:23:23

Hi, if you go to this site theres loads of mums that meet up and share info.

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