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weezypops Sun 30-Mar-08 13:13:34


We've just moved into our new place in Westcliff and I'm struggling to find good information about things to do as a parent in Westcliff and the Essex area in general, so I decided to set up a forum for us all. I'm hoping that as it grows we can exchange information and advice, as well as everyday chatter and nonsense.

At the moment it's pretty small but is growing rapidly. We've got over 100 member now in just under three weeks! I'd appreciate you coming over and having a look. It's easy to post, and you can drop me a line if you need any help. My username over there is weezypops, but as I'm one of the few people who has posted anything it should be easy enough to find!

I'd like the website to include parents (including Dads, if they're interested), future parents, Grandparents... anyone and everyone really, so please please send the link to anyone you think might fit the bill, even if you're not interested yourself. It's going to take a while to grow, but I hope we can get there.

The link is:

I hope you'll join me.


AmyAmy Mon 07-Apr-08 11:35:27

Hi, we're a new nursery thats just opened in Rochford. Unlike most nurseries we offer hourly rates if you just want a couple of hours to yourself some mornings/afternoons! We're attached to the new Children's Center so I can keep you updated with local events when they're organised We're got some coffee mornings coming up soon. I'll post the dates when I know when! If you're interested in the nursery please email :

Millieandme Thu 24-Apr-08 20:33:13

Hi Louise,

Im going to have a look right now! My little girl is now 17 months, and Im looking for new things to do together maybe a new toddler group to join and hopefully get in touch with other mums. Will try and have same username.

See you over there,

Helena (Millie's mummy)

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