Does anyone want to start running to keep fit in my area?

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bhutan Tue 08-Jan-08 11:47:01

I can't run but I would like to start and need a buddy/partner etc. Anyone interested? I could commit to two evenings per week if my dh promises to look after our ds's.

iMum Wed 05-Mar-08 17:40:57

I would!

bhutan Tue 11-Mar-08 15:42:26


Hi iMum. What next? How do we contact each other (if you are still interested???). I've bought my new trainers - ha ha.

Look forward to hearing from you.


BouncyBee Wed 23-Apr-08 18:30:24

Hi Where are you? I live in Hullbridge and doing the Race for Life in June so need to start getting into shape?

bhutan Thu 05-Jun-08 13:44:00

Am so sorry not to have responded to you. I have gone back to work full time and only today managed to have a moment to log in.

Well done for doing the Race for Life - I wish I had the time.



whatdayisit Sat 07-Jun-08 21:36:22

Not sure exactly where you are, but have a look at phoenix striders

They are an incredibly friendly bunch. For beginners they have a run/walk group, so you can build up slowly without injuring yourself. I joined in Sep 07, when I could barely run 100 meters. I ran a 5 mile race last weekend. Never thought I would be doing races, it was just to keep fit, but once you start....

iMum Thu 21-Aug-08 09:52:17

Hiya, sorry i never got back to you-I got pregnant! due in October but will be back to running one and back on my feet!!
Would you still be interested?

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