Lonely mummy (and children) great sampford/thaxted

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Lisahull81 Thu 21-Jul-16 23:41:44

We recently moved to great sampford from Braintree and we have all found it difficult to make friends. Have some a few lovely mummies at my children's new school but would love to build some good friendships for both myself and my boys. They are aged 3,6 and 8. They are really struggling themselves to build friendships in their new school as at their age most of the other children have already built a strong circle of friends. I felt heartbroken tonight when they said they miss their old school, literally crying themselves to sleep!
I would love it if we can all meet some new friends for lasting friendships, I drive so distance isn't a problem. Thaxted, dunmow, saffron walden and surrounding villages would be lovely.

sweetas Wed 27-Jul-16 14:26:13

Hi Lisa, we moved to SW just before Xmas from N London and my 11 DS was very emotional to begin with but after a month or so he settled. What really helped was getting them into activities they enjoy. For my DS it was football and Brownies and swimming for my 9 yr old DD. This meant they developed friendships outside of school. Have you tried to arrange play dates with the children from their school as in my experience (I work in primary education) the friendships that are often most successful are those that are nurtured both inside and outside of school.
Are their other children in the neighbourhood for your children to play with? My kids love the fact they now have freedom to play outside and soon met lots of other local children!

luckyandconfused Tue 02-Aug-16 21:10:29

I agree with sweetas. Extra curricular friends are a good idea. Know it's difficult with three kids. We are about to be in the same boat - moving to SW from Buckinghamshire for a school start in September! We have just put an offer on a place in little sampford. However, we will be in the centre of SW while we sort ourselves out! Would love to meet up with you! X

Catherine26 Tue 15-Nov-16 21:03:29

Hi all,

How are you settled now? My dd's are a similar age. It's hard to meet new people. Extra curricular activities are definitely a good idea. Feel free to pm me.

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