Moving back to Halstead

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gecko2dan Fri 15-Jul-16 14:06:55

Hello ,
I'm moving back to our house in Halstead Essex after 14 years in Dubai and 2 years in Italy .
Halstead isn't my hometown so not sure what's going on in the area?
I have 3 children 12,9,3
I used to be a nanny in London for 10 years and then as a nursery teacher in Dubai for 2 years.
Does anyone know of any agencies that can help with part time work for myself?
Anyone in the area with children?
Any advice on schools etc??
Any help would be warmly received

4m4nd4 Fri 15-Jul-16 14:37:00

I live in Halstead grin

We moved here 11 years ago.

The secondary school my ds2 attends, he is about to go into yr 11.
It has improved so much over the last three years.
My son is doing well there.

My dd2 is about to leave one of the three primary schools.
All 5 of my children were educated there and it is an excellent school. The staff and the headteacher are all amazing.
If you would like the name of this school please DM me.

The town itself is small, but there are a few shops.

I wouldn't know about agencies in the area. You might have to look further into Braintree or Colchester, both areas would cover Halstead I would think.

Whereabouts are you moving to?

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