Confused about birthing in Harlow... can anyone help/advise?

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SarahSparks Wed 11-May-16 14:12:58

Hiya, just joined the local Mumsnet (hello everyone! smile )

I'm 29 weeks pregnant, first baby, and have just had the wool pulled from under my feet as regards my midwife and birthing options, now I'm feeling quite confused and struggling to get the story straight!

I'm registered at the Old Harlow doctors and see my midwife there. I'm registered with Princess Alexandra Hospital too.

I'm seriously considering a home birth, and have mentioned this to the midwife but nothing else has happened regarding the birth. To make things more confusing I've not seen the same midwife twice for the whole of my pregnancy, and everyone keeps giving me different information and asking me the same questions over and over, mostly whether I'm planning to breastfeed (which I am)(... yes we've got this clear now I think... can we talk about something else, like the actual birth maybe?!) grin

Anyway... I assumed they had it all in hand... but now I've been told that if I was with the midwives at the Treehouse Childrens Centre (which I've visited and think is ace) I'd have one dedicated midwife... and that their home birth team gets booked up very quickly and you can only have a home birth if the team is free when you're due.

Now I'm wondering...
* is the home birth team through the PAH- is it the same for the whole of Harlow or do different midwife centres have different home-birth midwifes?
* If I was with the Tree House Centre, would I have the same midwife for the birth that I'd had through my pregnancy?
* is it too late for me to have a home birth now, and how do I find out?
* should/can I try to get referred to the team at the Tree House Centre?

I've tried to call the maternity helpline, and the midwives phone line, no luck getting through yet. I can't find any info online... if anyone has any knowledge of this, I'd be really grateful!

Thanks, Sarah smile

SarahSparks Wed 11-May-16 14:15:22

Oh dear, mixed metaphors... rug pulled from under my feet... not wool grin

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