New mum friends Chigwell/Woodford/Buckhurst Hill

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claudiarosecarter Fri 22-Jan-16 12:49:28

Hi ladies,

I am a mum to a nearly 2 year old boy, I've recently moved to Woodford and don't know any mums in the area. I didn't do any baby classes or NCT as we moved when I was very pregnant and went too far to make it worth it! So have been lacking any mum friends for quite a while.

Does anyone have any tips on meeting new people, or would anyone like to meet for a coffee? I'm a photographer so really into artistic things, I like music and films and keeping fit (member of the david lloyd if anyone wanted a gym friend!)

Bellini239 Sat 30-Jan-16 17:04:07

Hi claudiarosecarter, how are you liking the area so far? I live very close by in Buckhurst hill and moved to the area as my husband is from around here from Central London. I came across your post as I was having a rant on the ttc forum as I've been trying for 5 months without any success... I am a writer and sometimes would hang out in some caf├ęs of woodford while musing haha. Let me know if you'd like anymore information about the area smile

claudiarosecarter Sat 30-Jan-16 19:08:09

Thanks Bellini! I like it, I lived in Wanstead a few years ago and my in laws are by the Snaresbrook Pond so know it a little - just not as a mum!! Are there any worthwhile groups or coffee mornings do you know? If not, should we start one!? x

Bellini239 Sat 30-Jan-16 21:02:04

Well, I don't actually have a baby yet as we're still ttc, but I do meet up with a group girls locally also ttc ... But if you ever fancy a coffee and wanna talk baby things let me know! Regarding meet up groups, I've heard that Wanstead has a much more active scene for young mums so if you have a car, maybe you could check some of them out? I know some of the mums there do exercising in the park which sounds like great fun. Xx

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