Epping for toddlers!

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Irishmammy2015 Mon 26-Oct-15 07:42:07

Hi, We're moving to Epping with our 2 yr old and would love some recommendations on nurseries, playgroups, playgrounds and other local services for families. Moving from Ireland so any help very much appreciated!

MAMAlil2014 Tue 03-Nov-15 20:03:40

I'm Irish too and live in the Epping area with my 1 year old. I've generally found that it's very family friendly!
Have a look at facebook for the local childrens centre pages, they run lots of groups and usually have details of most toddler things that are happening in the area:
epping- brambles childrens centre
Waltham abbey- hazelwood childrens centre
There's lots of nice walks to take a toddler on in Epping forest
Soft play places- 2 in Harlow and 1 in Waltham Abbey
I don't have any direct experience of nurseries etc. in Epping as my little one goes to nursery in a nearby town
Good luck with the move!!

Irishmammy2015 Sun 22-Nov-15 06:07:04

Thanks a million! Children's centres look like a perfect place to start. Where does your little one go? Haven't been able to find a space anywhere in Epping for my boy.

MAMAlil2014 Sat 28-Nov-15 11:32:54

Hi- have just tried to private message you so hopefully you've got it!!

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