Moving to Southend.

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cbeck81 Thu 10-Sep-15 18:34:18

Hello I'll be moving to Southend in December and my children are 7 and 9. We're a bit old for Mums and tots groups and having not grown up there I'm really worried about getting isolated. My kids both play violin and piano and love to sing, theyve done lots of grades and my son was a chorister. My son plays in his Saturday football team and tennis and loves his computer and my daughter is all about singing and drama and art. They love horse riding. Can people recommend clubs and groups in the area? They're sad to be moving away and Dad is away most of the time so it wold be great to look forward to things. We're in the Hamstel School catchment but we haven't got school places yet. Thanks for and advice and tips xx

littlemonstersmum Thu 01-Oct-15 22:46:00

Hi, we moved to Southend 5 years ago. My kids are the same age- obviously they were younger at the time and I tried toddler groups but didn't find them to be particularly friendly here. I made most of my friends through walking to school and getting chatting to mum's in the playground. I feel completely the opposite of isolated- I have made some of the best friends I have ever had and I'm sure you'll find the same. My daughters do dancing at a dance school called get up and dance- they also do drama classes and I know they do tennis and football at david Lloyd. DOn't know much about horse riding but I know there's something in Belfairs woods. There is so much going on for kids here- I moved here with just my kids and would never look back!

NorthLondonTiff Fri 09-Oct-15 07:06:09

Hello cbeck81
I am moving there too, in the New Year. I have a 6 year old. Am also a bit concerned that I will be cut off. Perhaps we should meet up?!

NorthLondonTiff Fri 09-Oct-15 07:08:55

Hi littlemonstermum
Am also moving down with just my daughter. Looking forward to a fresh start hopefully! Nice to see you made a good move.

Tabyria Tue 12-Jan-16 21:35:58

Hi, that's wonderful to hear so much optimism. My husband and I are trying to move to Leigh to start a family, and we hope to buy our first home in the next few months smile
Can someone tell me what the commute to London is like? That's our last question mark before we can commit to a property. Leigh seems fine but I've heard that the new timetable means people might not get a seat when boarding at Chalkwell. Any insight would be super useful: we'll have to commute to London every day.

Londoncity09 Sun 04-Jun-17 00:21:52

Hi I have just moved to Thorpe bay from London. So far so good.I would like to know some tips if anyone is willing to share

Londoncity09 Sun 04-Jun-17 00:22:59

Hiya I'm new to this. Would love to talk to another mum from Essex

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