Opinion on Crocus Saffron Walden (Bright Horizon) and Bell Day nursery

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NewChapter1 Thu 20-Aug-15 13:19:08

Hi local Mums,
I wonder whether any of you have good or bad experience with these nurseries? I am looking for a good nursery for my children aged 4 yrs in Oct and 19 mths. Thank you for any advice!

Amiaba Fri 13-May-16 23:59:44

Looking for new friends to go walking with our babies. Obviously not too far. 1 or 2 miles max. I have always lived walking in the countryside and my baby loves it too. I know we would need to be very flexible and go at a very slow pace. But we would all be in the same boat so to speak so it wouldn't matter. Obviously we would only go depending on weather. Let me know if you are interested then I can set up a small group.

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