Lifetimes In Print are giving away free makeup

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Cblush Tue 11-Aug-15 12:49:51


Lifetimes In Print are running an offer when you purchase a prom book for £20 you can get upto £50 of make-up.

I don't have a child that has just had her prom so I contacted them and asked if I could have a baby book done as a gift and still get the makeup - they said yes providing when I got the makeup I post a selfie of the makeup on their FB page and ask my friends and family to like their page.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I have today received my make-up !!! So I thought I would share this with everyone as it's always nice to get a free gift !

I got mascara, nail varnish, lip gloss, lipstick !! I am now looking forward to receiving my book! I will keep you updated on how it looks

If you do have a daughter that has just has their prom, they are looking for a Prom Queen and running a competition all linked to their prom book offer. You can win a photoshoot, makeover and money voucher

The FB page link is

Rae xx

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