South/central cambridge relocation. Reasonable commute from SW?

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BellsBellsBells Thu 02-Jul-15 13:33:36

DH has been offered a great job in South Cambridge- initially to be based near Great Abington (ample car parking) then Addenbrooke's (car free site) in 2017.
I am yet to find a job in the area, but there may be a suitable position in the city centre- but I am looking in South Cambridge/North Essex.

We are a family of 4. DD is 2 and DS is 2 months old. I am on maternity leave currently. I plan on RTW when DS is 6m old, serving my notice period then moving down with the two children.

We currently live in the NW of England where your money certainly does go further in terms of houses!

We are looking for a 3/4 bedroom house in a village/town/suburb of Cambridge which has nearby school, shops, cafes/pub, amenities for children and hopefully a sense of community.
Our budget is a reluctant 500-550k (with help from family).

In all of our research, South Cambridge ranks as one of the top places to live in the UK for a great quality of life, however in the same breath, it is renowned for having awful traffic with long commutes to the city and very high house prices.

Whilst this job is a great opportunity with a salary increase, it looks like this increase will be swallowed up by higher mortgage payments and the need to run 2 cars insead of our current one. We worry that our family life will be compromised by a very long commute.

We are both likely to be working reasonably long hours with average finishes of 6pm making childcare an important consideration.
Our current nursery opens 7.30-6.30 but I know this is longer than your average nursery.

To cut it short, can any local Mumsnetters give and location suggestions with a approximate commute time to the given locations?
We love the look of Saffron Walden, but ther are so few houses on the market and from what we hear, they often go above the asking price due to demand.

We are losing sleep thinking about the ifs and buts and DH doesn't feel in a position to quiz his prospective employer about these finer details.

Please help!!
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