Help-relocating to southend

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Jocarla Sun 16-Nov-14 08:52:34

Hi, myself, husband and little boy, who'll be 3 at the end of this month have recently moved to the area for my husbands work. We're renting in rayleigh but looking to buy. We've seen a house in rochford and wondered if it's a nice place to live with young children. we're not very familiar with the area and would be grateful of local knowledge. Thanks

Rainynight Sun 16-Nov-14 17:52:28

Hello, yes, I know the area very well. If you'd like to PM me with the road I'll be very pleased to tell you. You have to be very careful not to buy something under the Southend airport flight path, as the noise can be horrendous, and the flights are due to increase, which will make the matter worse!

Jocarla Sun 16-Nov-14 18:06:12

Hi, thanks for replying so quickly. It's on ashingdon road, nearer to rochford station end of the road. We're in two minds as well as it seems like quite a busy road. That primary schools in the area seem to be quite good. Thanks

VickyM84 Sat 22-Nov-14 07:58:52

It's a very very busy road. I live just up the road from there and it really is a nice area.

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