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IvetaCraw48 Thu 19-Jun-14 15:59:13

we are a family of four and after years in the UK we have spent the last 6 years in Germany. Both my children speak fluent german and since we are making a come-back to UK and moving to a new area in Leigh On Sea, I wondered how to keep up with the german language. Any mums or families from Germany around?? Get in touch smile

imperfectparent Sat 28-Jun-14 07:34:40

I can't be over helpful but I do know there is a café in Hamlet Court Road in Westcliff called the Wiener Kaffee und Teehaus which is German owned. I spoke to the German owner there and I believe his wife may run another café in Leigh Road in a bazaar style shop with Butler in the title (sorry to be so vague). Chatting to the man he said there were quite a few locals who were of German extraction and most knew each other. There is also a German interest group that meet once a month and have a link to the college language faculty. Looking at their website suggests it caters for more of a retired enthusiast.
Many primary schools teach a bit of fun French and my daughter has been doing German and French since year 7. They have to opt for one or the other for GCSE and most in her class prefer German. Perhaps if you look to schools that teach German, there is a better chance that there will be German trips and some focus on the culture. Her school took the GCSE students to Berlin last year and you may already know that it is one of the Easyjet destinations from Southend
Sorry I can't be more helpful and haven't got much child centred information. I only know of one German lady with 2 boys in Leigh and that is the most sketchiest of knowledge (we viewed the house next door as a possible buy).
Good luck and do keep your children's German going. I have a friend who brought her daughter up in Spain until she was 7. When she returned to England, her daughter could barely speak English. She is now grown up and hardly speaks a word of Spanish, nor does she remember ever having done so.
Perhaps you could pop to the Wiener Teehaus for a chat with the owner.

IvetaCraw48 Sat 28-Jun-14 08:33:51

Hi, well you know, that's most helpful and thank you! I will certainly go and visit the cafe in Westcliff as they might know of other families in the area. In the worst case there's a bit more going on in London, perhaps just a once a fortnight type of stuff, like art class, German meet up or similar. If I don't keep the language up they'll end like your Spanish friend and I'm aware of that, that's why I just keep looking! Anyway as I said very kind or you telling me about the cafe, I really appreciate it! Thanks smile

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