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dollydaydream3 Sun 25-May-14 15:36:23

Hi Everyone,

I need some advice please. We currently live in Cork, Ireland. My dh has got a job starting in 3wks in Brentwood Essex, as we are looking to permanently relocate I am trying to find an area commutable with good schools. We can not afford Brentwood. I have as 6yr old dd and 2 dogs.
I have been looking and reading all I can about Southend, I have never been there.

We have lived in in London for 17yrs and Kent for a year, so even though we are both Irish we are well familiar with U.K life (well parts of the South East anyway!) and like many others are looking for that elusive area in the South East that is nice to bring up kids and affordable.
We don't want to be rural but what I have read about Southend town the general feeling is to say away from it. I like to be near life, shops etc. and Southchurch seems to be the area I am veering towards, Westcliffe also. I have read everything I can find on the area and the reviews are somewhat mixed, mostly good but when they are bad they are very very bad, some descriptions would deter you from visiting for a day not to mention moving your family there. Also are there any schools to be recommended or avoided, all opinions would be helpful.


Seasidemum123 Sat 02-Aug-14 01:55:56

Hi - we moved to Southchurch from London 6 y ago and love it here, the beach is lovely, with Ocean Beach cafe very family-friendly. Southchurch Park is great for kids, huge playground, pond with ducks and swans, rose garden, table tennis table, and a cafe in the park...
I would recommend anywhere south from the Southend East station, so you are in the catchment for Greenways school (a lovely school) and walking distance to the beachsmile

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