Warning re poor service from Home Energy Services (formerly Eon)

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disneyfan80 Sun 30-Jun-13 22:39:25

Hi all
If anyone has a homecare (boiler breakdown) cover with Home Energy Services - the people taking over from Eon, you may want to think about changing! We have been without hot water for 3 weeks now and have had 7 engineer visits now. Thank goodness it is summer and we don't need the heating!Despite the complaints department supposedly helping us, the last engineer turned up 2 1/2 hours late without the parts to repair the boiler and so we go to the back of the queue again due to their incompetence. The fact that we are supposed to be a priority due to having a 2 year old doesn't seem to carry much weight in reality and it is becoming increasingly difficult to rearrange work/ school run cover etc.
Please don't just file the paperwork advising the changes to who is providing your cover - change from Home Energy Services asap if you can!

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