Support Group for parents of children with SEN and/or Disability

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parent2parent Mon 28-Jan-13 21:14:40

I'm thinking of starting up a free confidential support group for parents of children with SEN and/or Disability in the Thurrock area.

I'm hoping to get parents along who's children have a statement of SEN or undergoing the process towards on so we can support each other through what is a really emotional and difficult time.

If you would like to join let me know on this thread X

Shelleyface2face Mon 05-Aug-13 14:35:05


My name is Shelley and I coordinate the Thurrock face 2 face service, Face 2 Face is a parent befriending service which offers emotional support, by matching parents with another parent of a disabled child (All parent volunteers undergo professional training). It is also an opportunity to meet other parent volunteers and support positive changes for families in the local Thurrock area.

The service also offers free parent workshops, the content is based on requests from parents. In September we offered a sleep workshop and over the next few months we are offering sensory integration and toilet training workshops

I would be really keen to work with you on setting up a parent support group! I would be happy to talk on the phone or meet in Thurrock

Looking forward to hearing from you


4m4nd4 Tue 06-Aug-13 20:18:30

Parent2parent, I am not in Thurrock but that sounds like a great idea, my son has SEN and a statement and is just about to move to a mainstream secondary.

Shelleyface2face Wed 04-Sep-13 21:08:11

I am so sorry for the deal in responding. Where about are you? I may have mis-interpreted the thread? In your original post you mentioned setting up a parent group in Thurrock? I

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