Buckhurst Hill - TOWIE?

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MXP78 Sun 03-Mar-13 18:27:45

Hi, I live in Buckhurst Hill! And I'm pretty much as far from a TOWIE character as you can get! In fact, I'm from NZ so more an outdoorsy natural sort of person and I really like it here. None of my neighbours are remotely TOWIEish either. They've all lived in our street for many years and are lovely.

Queens Rd (the high street) does have a lot of tanning salons/beauticians/hair dressers and a few designer shops, and you see the odd TOWIE-like character (and some actual TOWIE characters) but they are not in the majority. I don't personally know anyone like that. It's a very family friendly area too with lots of groups/activities to go to. You're close to London but have Epping Forest right on your doorstep. When you walk down Queens Rd the view is of countryside which I love.

I definitely wouldn't let you friends comment put you off!

Eppinggg Tue 29-Jan-13 20:52:37

Unfortunately the TOWIE lot has spread to many places in Essex, but don't let it put you off!
Buckhurst Hill is nice - yes you will find those stereotypes but only as much as you'll find them anywhere to be honest. Everyone else who lives there are fine!

jenster123 Wed 23-Jan-13 19:25:22


I'm doing the usual and now we have a little one looking to where we can move to outside (or just outside of London). We went to Buckhurst hill a couple weekends ago and liked it, but now a couple friends (one of whom used to live in Chingford) say I wouldn't like it - apparently it's 'very Essex' whatever that means. I'm guessing fast cars, nail and tanning salons, lots of city brokers. wide-boys etc .... is that true or is there a good mix of people? I probably wouldn't fit in with the TOWIE crowd but it seemed fine to me - albeit it's hard to tell from one visit. Any inside knowledge appreciated!!

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