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Creativeone Sat 04-Aug-12 20:05:46

Hello, We are thinking of moving to Braintree. I would appreciate any advice or opinions/views good or bad about schools in the area. Thank you in advance for any help given, Creativeone

mrsa01 Wed 29-Aug-12 22:16:30

Hi, are you talkig primary or secodary? My daughter goes to St Michael's which is fab in my opinion. Other good schools are St Francis, John Ray, Lyons Hall. John Bunyan and Beckers Green have a bad rep because they are on council estates but Beckers Green always seems to have good things said about it. I am catchment for John Buyan for what put me off was a man was stabbed outside the school in a drugs related attack amongst other things. I haven't heard anything negative about White Court and Notley Green. Whereabouts in Braintree are you looking at and i may be of more help. x

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