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Jadeleigh Tue 01-Mar-11 14:45:39

I am looking for a street/ break dance class for my 3 year old son (soon to be 4). He loves that type of dance & is now asking to go to 1. Can any1 suggest a good on? I am able to get to Benfleet. Canvey Island, Leigh & Pitsea. Dont really want to go to much further but will for a good one! Please help me to end the constent asking! Lol x

GoodDaysBadDays Tue 01-Mar-11 22:19:53

Wiggles dance school is in Eastwood and is meant to be very good.

Not used it myself (not used any dance classes) but know plenty of people who have.

Google them, they have a good website

I have a friend in Leigh whose daughter goes to a dance school, and is really into all sorts of dance - I shall drop her a message on fb and ask her if she can recommend one.

I contacted my friend's dd on fb, and she has sent me a link to a school called Expressions Theatre Arts. This school is run by her old teacher, who she says is very good with small children.

I hope this helps, Jadeleigh.

EssexBecca Thu 07-Apr-11 18:00:12

I 2nd the recommendation for Expressions - have heard v good things about them.

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