Chelmsford mumsnet users?

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Vix1985 Thu 16-Dec-10 13:28:46

Any Chelmsford users about? Only just joined but it seems not many local peeps on here?

TheSleepFairy Wed 05-Jan-11 10:41:44

Hi vix I'm in south woodham ferrers so not to far from you.

Alaro Fri 04-Feb-11 21:52:05

<waves> i'm in Sandon, so close to both of you

zoe82 Fri 11-Feb-11 09:25:02

hi all i'm in hatfield peverel

WannabeaShootingStar Sat 12-Feb-11 20:28:11

i'm in boreham, how old are your kids? I have three girls 5, 4 and a baby.

Jetbaby Sat 12-Feb-11 20:32:27

Hi, me, I'm in Chelmsford.

Alaro Tue 15-Feb-11 21:06:04

So Vix, there are some Chelmsford MNetters lurking smile

liamsdaddy Sun 27-Feb-11 18:39:32

Hi, I'm in Chelmsford too!

hpsaucy Mon 28-Feb-11 15:29:07

I'm in Gt baddow

Alaro Fri 04-Mar-11 22:23:53

I'm on the meet-up list, but do these actually occur?

ilovecats Wed 16-Mar-11 17:10:41

Hi, I'm near Chelmsford too and would really like to meet up with some local mums. How do I join the meet-up list?

Hlebon Wed 20-Apr-11 09:39:28

Hello, I'm in Hatfield Peverel and expecting my first in September. Would love to get to know mums and mum's to be in the Chelmsford area :-)


portaloo Tue 17-May-11 13:51:20

Hi, I'm in Chelmsford too. I'm interested in a meet up too. Any plans for one?

WannabeaShootingStar Sat 21-May-11 23:05:23

A Chelmsford meet would be good, maybe a picnic in a park somewhere?

Hlebon, I am up the road from you in Boreham and have a 5month old.

There is a bumps and under ones group running on Boreham on Thursday afternoons until July if you are interested, it is at the Pelly Rooms which is just behind Boreham Church.

BevvyRead Sun 12-Jun-11 10:47:02


I would be interested in meeting up, live in Witham and have a 4 year old who starts school in september and a 2 week old little girl!! Would love to meet some local mums

TheSnickeringFox Fri 24-Jun-11 12:09:19

Another chelmsford person here, one baby. smile

TsaMidEssex Sat 02-Jul-11 11:09:52

Hello everyone.

This seems to be the plaec to find lots of Chelmsford MNers.
I'm trying to arrange a Mid Essex meet up in Chelmsford - hopefully in the summer holidays.

Please have a look at this thread if you are interested.


tomsmummy11 Fri 07-Oct-11 18:47:05

Hiya,im from south woodham ferrers if you wanted to meet for coffee sometime?

HelenatTotsdays Wed 12-Oct-11 19:52:58

Hello everyone,

I run a website for Chelmsford families with small children so please do feel free to come over and have a look.

Best wishes
Helen :-)

bovrild Thu 13-Oct-11 14:08:04

Hi, only just joined Mumsnet. I live in Maldon and have a little boy who is nearly two. I've met some local mums but would love to meet some more people for friendly chats and hopefully friendship.

gillybean2 Sun 16-Oct-11 10:29:03

Hi everyone. I'm not in Chelmsford, but I do work there and ds goes to Sandon school. We live way out by the coast in rural essex, so don't get to meet many other mums here, especially as I'm working all but the holidays.

Hoping to have another Essex meet up soon.
We're going to Colchester zoo in half term, probably on the weekend of 22/23rd October if anyone felt like joining up with us you're more than welcome smile

Melinda76 Tue 22-Nov-11 09:56:15

Hi I'm not a mum but a nanny near Hatfield Peveral. I look after 2 boys aged 2 and 7 months. Would love to meet some local people for coffee and playdates.... Jenni

Debbiemio Fri 23-Dec-11 21:06:53

Hi, I'm from Chelmsford too! Just joined Mumsnet.
Debbie x

mancityslicker Mon 02-Jan-12 23:32:17

Hi debbie, im in chelmsford too just joined - find it difficvult to work my way round these sites for a start ....! Ive got baby girl twins - only 4months old, have you had a baby yet? Nic

doinmummy Wed 18-Jan-12 00:35:13

I've got a DD13 but looking to meet new people for coffee/chat. I'm in Chelmsford

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