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sammygirl Mon 27-Jul-09 13:46:08

Hi , I'm a First time mum and first time Mumsnetter !! Looking for other mums in the Enfield Lock area , or any advice on groups etc that I can go to with 13 week old daughter.I'm beginning to find this whole mum thing a bit isolating as I'm used to working full time, also desperate for advice on getting my little angel to sleep through !!! {grin}

MamaVoo Mon 27-Jul-09 14:32:44

Hi Sam

The Enfield mumsnet board does tend to be a bit quiet. There are a few of us about and I think we're planning to meet up again soon so you would be more than welcome to come along (see the 'welcome to the enfield board' thread). Our lo's are toddlers now but you would be very welcome.

I've found the Netmums website the best place for finding out about local groups. You'll find listings for baby groups and classes and there's also a 'meet a mum' board where you might meet someone local with a baby of similar age.

I don't know if there's any magic formula to get them to sleep through. They just seem to do it when they're ready, regardless of what you do. Mine started sleeping through consistently at 7 months. Hang on in there though, every month gets better.


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