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BegoneGremlinsQV Mon 25-Jun-07 10:36:27

MegBusset Mon 23-Jul-07 19:32:23


VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 09-Aug-07 00:52:29

Hello!!!! Welcome

aura Mon 11-Feb-08 17:30:19

I am a single mother would like to exchange baby-sitting with other mothers in the same situation. I live in Enfield EN1, and my son is 3 years old.

Mine Sat 23-Feb-08 17:34:54

Anyone here???!

I live in enfield and am hoping there might be other mumsneters on here in the area....??

Harri1 Mon 25-Feb-08 19:59:34

HI I'm in enfield but it's very quiet and tend to met up with Haringey mums. Have 1 baby DD 12 weeks what about you guys?

Mine Mon 25-Feb-08 22:47:53

Hi Harri1
i almost gave up on this thread!!
Didn't think was anyone in enfield on mn....
I too am a first time mum to ds. He is 18 weeks old today.
What's your dd like ??
Do you meet with Haringay mums from mn??

Vicky31 Tue 26-Feb-08 16:57:12

Hi Mine & Harri1
I'm in Cheshunt and have a 14 week old son. I didn't do antenatal classes and none of my local friends have kids so I'm after meeting some fellow 'daytime people'. A friend who's a mumsnetter has assured me that the mummy scene is all wine drinking and fun rather than talking about baby poo so I would love to hear from anyone in the area.

Mine Tue 26-Feb-08 18:19:57

Hi vicki
someone local at last!!
I didn;t go to any classes/NCT things so my mummy friends are a bit limited.

Where did you have lo??
i had mine at North mid..... big mistake. this i'll go to chase farm next time... if there is a next time.

Vicky31 Tue 26-Feb-08 19:07:23

Hi Mine
I just had a quick peek at your profile and glad to see that I'm not the only one who absolutely hated motherhood at first. Like you I love it now that he's 3 months and is smiling, interacting and sleeping better, but for the first six weeks or so I would have gladly given him away to anyone who came to the door. I also have a husband who is in love with his computer games so can sympathise with your Xbox predicament.

I had Luc at the QEII in Welwyn. They gave me a choice of that, Chase Farm or Princess Alexandra in Harlow. I was really happy with the QEII although sooo glad to go home. How weird is it though to go in with a bump and walk out with a baby. I don't think I really believed during my pregnancy that it was really a baby

Glad to hear the NCT didn't get you. It sounds a bit like a cult to me, and the words coffee morning make me run a mile.

Harri1 Tue 26-Feb-08 19:08:55

Hi thought enfield was a dead loss for mums thank goodness there are some out there.
Why don't we arrange a meet up in enfield area soon, my dd is 12 weeks.

Had mine at royal free hampstead cos I'd heard bad thongs about n.mid and c.farm.

Haringay have regular meet ups lots of like minded mums, we should def sort something out mine and vicki

Mine Tue 26-Feb-08 19:14:15

i'm up for that!
Do you guys drive??

Vicky31 Tue 26-Feb-08 19:25:50

I'm up for that too! I drive and no prob to get to Enfield.

Harri1 Tue 26-Feb-08 19:28:55

Great do you know anywher in enfield town?
There are coffee shops not sure how good or bad?

Mine Tue 26-Feb-08 19:34:51

there's a Starbucks in Enfield Town and also one is Cheshunt near the big M&S and tesco.

Do you guys know these...?

Vicki.. somehow i totally missed your messgae.... i defo hear you about the traumatic first 6 weeks.
I was actually really angry with my HV, midwives and doc for not telling me anything about colic.... i was driven to my wits end with colic, i too wanted to just hand the baby over but thankfully he got through it and i survived too.It truelt was the longest 6 weeks of my life.

Now he is a completely different baby.

Harri1 Tue 26-Feb-08 19:39:32

I know starbucks in enfield how about there for a first meet up? When can you do?

Infacol worked wonders for my dd.

Mine Tue 26-Feb-08 19:48:55

re you guys free next week for a meet up....??
I live in Ponders End so Enfield Town is not very far from me at all.

Harri1 Tue 26-Feb-08 20:06:29

I can do next week in town i live in palmers green so easy for me too

Mine Tue 26-Feb-08 20:16:05

Are there any particular days you can do Harri??
Hopefully Vicky is available too.

Harri1 Tue 26-Feb-08 20:46:48

Any day except tues next week let me know.
Look forward to meeting you and hopefully vicki too.

Vicky31 Tue 26-Feb-08 22:30:29

Yes, any day next week is fine for me too.
Right, off to bed.

Mine Wed 27-Feb-08 08:06:57

morning ladies
had a wabbish nights sleep... nothing to do with ds for a change, he sleeps through.... just me. i couldn;t settle at all. Feel really drunk now!!

How about we meet on Wednesday??
I'm pretty easy about times.
Just thought... do you guys bf??
If so are you happy to do it in starbucks??
I just know some mums aren't comfortable doing it in public.
My ds is on ff so its no problem for us. Just didn;t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable iykwim.

Harri1 Wed 27-Feb-08 10:17:11

Poor you its horrid when you can't sleep

Wednesday at starbucks sounds fine not bf so no problem there.

How about 2ish as the lunchtime rush should be over by then?

Vicky31 Wed 27-Feb-08 13:25:51

2ish Wednesday at Starbucks is fine for me and also not bf anymore. Looking forward to it.

Mine Wed 27-Feb-08 14:43:37

coolio, wednesday 2'ish it is... very excited.

Went to Galeria today... there is an M&S outlet centre there.. loads of stuff and 75% off..... spent too much money blush

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