New in Enfield... Help! 😔

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Anya866 Wed 12-Apr-17 16:13:48

I've been visiting Enfield for a while and my first impressions were something between neutral and positive. Now due to some hard to avoid circumstances I'm going to live here with my partner and my little boy. They both are...well...much more enthusiastic about it than me and I'm really trying to like it a bit but after a few very upsetting and disappointing incidents related to the health care and after finding out that Enfield lock has very high crime rate I'm a bit worried, to put it mildly :/
So I would hugely appreciate if someone would attempt to tell me some good things for a change 😁
Any nice places to take 7 year old?
Any groups for parents?
Maybe someone knows something about the support available locally for the disabled children?
Thank you in advance xx

CroqueMadame1 Thu 13-Apr-17 08:39:46

Pmd you x

TreeHouseFriends Mon 24-Apr-17 15:07:26

Hi Anya
Sorry to hear about your incidents... Generally speaking I don't think you have anything to worry about. I would say, Enfield isn't any more or less dangerous than other parts of London. It is always very difficult to get a real picture when using the stats as these only rely on incidents reported. I think you would get a pretty good idea when you know which road /area you consider to move and then see it yourself and maybe even speak to some locals.
There are a few Facebook groups for our local area. The biggest one is Love your doorstep enfield community, Enfield with kids is a good one too, Winchmore hill mummies. Those groups give u general information about the area, things to do with kiddies.
If you ever need childcare or holiday camps, you can visit us or join our like our Facebook page. We are a forest school located in trent Park, which is definitely worth a visit. Beautiful in any season and they also run a monthly family day out Saturday to get some fresh air.

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