Relocating to Enfield / advice re. primary school admissions

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chica99 Wed 27-Apr-16 15:27:11

Hi all
We're thinking of relocating to Enfield in the future with 2 children (currently aged 4 and 7), and am curious about how school admissions work these days (I've read many things about the disappointment many families face, waiting lists, the appeals process etc).
Accommodation is not an issue, I therefore know exactly which school would be closest to us. Can I assume that we would have a good chance of getting into that particular school, considering it's less than 0,1 miles away "as the crow flies"? It's not a church school.
Furthermore, is it worth considering an in-year application or is it best to respect the admissions calendar scrupulously and aim for a September entry (and plan the move accordingly)? This would mean applying before we're officially residents - is this even possible?
TIA to anyone with any useful information/advice!!

BrownieQueen75 Fri 13-May-16 22:38:43

We relocated here 4 years ago when my son was in Reception and the rules then were that you couldn't apply for a school until you had moved into the new house (and could provide a council tax bill to say you lived there). There won't be any guarantee of getting a school place unless the school has vacancies - we ended up putting our DS in a school further away as that was the only localish school with places, and then staying on the waiting list for the really local school we wanted. We applied in early December, didn't get a school place at all until mid-January and then got the place we wanted about three weeks into Y1. Good luck!

chica99 Mon 16-May-16 20:17:54

Hi BrownQueen75, thanks for your reply!

I won't be able to provide a council tax bill in my name since I won't be paying the bills - we're moving in with my parents, and I will be working between the UK/abroad. May have to consider declaring my parents as private foster carers (I think that's what it's called when children live with their grandparents temporarily).

If I've understood you correctly, children can potentially be allocated a place in a school right on the other side of the borough and you just have to put up with the transport issues this may entail, for potentially months on end?

When siblings are involved, is there a chance they might not be allocated places together in the same school?

cakestk Wed 18-May-16 14:21:21

Your best bet would be to talk to the Admissions team at Enfield council. They are very helpful and would be able to let you know the correct procedure.

However whether or not you will be successful with an in-year application at any time depends on which school you are hoping to get in to. Some schools hardly ever have places come up because they are so popular, and their catchments are tiny as a result. If you can't get a place at your closest school, I believe your children will be allocated places at a school that does have room and this may well be at different schools. You could well have to wait some time for a place to come up at your preferred school. Once you've got one child in, your other child moves to the top of the list due to the sibling policy, but it could still be a long wait!

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