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Lila12 Sat 15-Aug-15 23:09:57

I am looking for a great nursery in Enfield as we have just moved to the area. I have seen quite a few but would really appreciate feedback and recommendations.
Many thanks in advance

Tantan0815 Wed 19-Aug-15 22:03:26

Gold star is quite a good nursery. My girl learnt a lot in there.

Lila12 Sat 22-Aug-15 13:50:24

Hi Tantan
Thanks for that recommendation. I have heard such fantastic feedback about Goldstar that i am going to give them a call. What stood out to you compared to other nurseries? This is my first child and i don't really know what to look for when visiting nurseries.

Thanks again

Tantan0815 Sat 22-Aug-15 15:56:13

Hi lila12
Before I decided to put my girl (my first baby) in goldstar I went to visit other nursery as well. Goldstar let me feel comfortable and the staffs are friendly. Jackie who is the person in charge she is friendly, helpful and give me a lot of encourage at that time as a new mum. I have my 2nd baby I will put him in there too when I am ready smile

CroqueMadame1 Fri 20-Nov-15 07:45:24

My son goes to StepStones which has two sites. Both excellent care. I'm very happy with ds going there and he always does such a great variety of activities when there, food is homemade and lovely too. All the kids seem happy!

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