Summer clubs/classes for my 7 y/o daughter?

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Zozojones Sun 01-Mar-15 13:31:56

Hi All
I'm looking for educational classes (English/Maths) and also dance/gymnastic clubs for my daughter to attend this summer.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance

BusyMinds Wed 25-May-16 13:42:13

Hi, we have a summer offer for tuition over the summer holiday.
We have a tuition centre along Lancaster Road in Enfield. Our usual prices have been dropped to £100 for an hour each week of the 6-week holiday or £180 for two hours each week.
We also have lots of other arts and crafts activities on offer but not dance or gym I'm afraid.
Please feel free to phone on 0208 3638814 for any further information, or email

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