Which hospital to choose - Barnet, Whittington, UCHL?

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newparentstobe Thu 25-Jul-13 20:50:05


I am 6 weeks pregnant and need to choose a hospital. We live in Palmers Green, North London. Chase Farm's maternity ward is closing in Nov 2013 so my options are:

1. North Middlesex (have read some awful reviews so its off the list)
2. Barnet (have had generally decent reviews about the birthing experience although the postnatal care was below average)
3. Whittington (similar story to Barnet but there is an option to pay for a private room)

Both Barnet and Whittington have had reviews from women who gave birth there between 2006 -2008. Would people be willing to share more recent birthing experiences, say in the last year at either of these hospitals?

Finally, given recent news of the royal baby, I'm just wondering whether I can choose St. Mary's or is there a restriction based on postcode?

Also if anyone has experience of UCHL? Is that better than Barnet or Whittington?

Sorry for the long message but its my first time and I'd hugely appreciate any advice!

Thanks! smile

3JsMa Wed 11-Sep-13 21:38:36

Hi UCH sounds like good idea, won't recommend North Mid or Whitt, know both from professional and personal experience, had a baby in Whitt in June and it was horrid...

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