Stay-at-home mum in Winchmore Hill or Palmers Green?

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MalinSonestedt Fri 24-May-13 14:40:35

Hi all

I have recently started looking in to childcare options for our 2 1/2 year old son Alfie, and I'm on the verge of breakdown realising the cost sad

I am having a change in career, studying midwifery at university with two years to go. I am absolutely loving it but it means my partner and I only have one income at the moment and we simply cannot afford £12000 per year for a childminder. My family lives in Sweden and my partner's in Wiltshire so unfortunately we can't get help from them very often.

So I'm calling all you lovely stay at home mums who maybe wouldn't mind looking after our son 2-4 days per week and earn some extra cash while doing it. Which days are depending on my schedule. Some weeks/days we have family helping out when they are in London and some weeks I have off. We live on the green in Winchmore hill and my partner and I take the train southbound in the morning, which means we could hop off in Palmers Green if you live there.

Alfie loves playing with his train tracks and make rollplay with his 'Thomas and friends' trains, and he loves shapes and numbers. He loves making dens and playing hide and seek. He is quite careful, observant and thoughtful but loves dancing and singing too.

I am Swedish but have lived here for last 10 years and my partner is a country pumpkin from Cornwall but has been a londoner for the past 12 years. We are a fun loving family who just wants someone nice to look after Alfie the hours we aren't able to.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Malin x

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