Do you have any spare time to volunteer? Just 4 hours a week?

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mckenzie Mon 01-Oct-12 14:46:06

I volunteer for the Nightingale Cancer Support Trust in Enfield in the office, helping with fundraising and events. They are a really great bunch of people and I love it!
The Nightingale have two shops now, one on Baker Street, managed by the lovely Barbara, and a new one in Oakwood, by the library.
The Baker Street shop has had to close this afternoon because of lack of staff.

Could you spare 4 hours once a week to come and help in one of the shops?
If you could, please contact joan kearns on 8366 4333 or pop in to the Lancaster Centre or one of the shops.

If you can do more than four hours per week... even better. But the Nightingale ask you to commit to four hours per week minimum.

Would you like more information? Pop in or reply to this message and I'll try to answer your questions.

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