Chase farm horror!

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HattyH Wed 25-Jan-12 23:44:51

I gave birth to my baby August 2011 @ Chase Farm maternity unit. The care was Horrendous! I would like to find out if there are any other mums of babies August 2011 who may have been there when I was. Was I dreaming or was the care poor?!

EmilyT23 Thu 26-Jan-12 17:16:30

I had my son there in November of 2010 and I cannot fault them. I had an amazing team of midwives in the labour unit. However, I had arguements in the Hertford ward and ended up being kicked out and sent to the labour ward...night nurses!x

HattyH Wed 08-Feb-12 00:28:07

I found Hertford ward too, very rude night staff!!!

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