Anyone had HypnoBirthing/Active Birth at Chase Farm consultant led unit?

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MonicaLS Tue 27-Sep-11 19:09:21

Hi, i'm really hoping to be able to have an active birth/natural birth and wondering if anyone else has managed to do this, or is planning to try, on the consultant led ward at Chase Farm?
I originally wanted to give birth in the midwife led unit at Chase Farm but they won't take me due to what they consider to be a complication. I've consulted an independent midwife and she said she wouldn't agree that I was "high risk" in any way, but so be it.
I've taken a Hypnobirthing course and am doing all the prep work (breathing & self hypnosis exercises) along with twice weekly antenatal classes so I'm not clueless and it's not just 'wishful thinking' as one of my consultants seem to imply. I've also had no real problems during the pregnancy, and at 35 weeks my baby is fully engaged and in the "right" position for birth. So it all looks promising.
However, I've had really mixed reactions when I mention I'd like to take a natural approach ... some midwives have been supportive and some really haven't (one told me straight out that "the labour ward is no place for a natural birth").
I've asked to meet with the head of midwifery at Chase Farm to discuss all this but they've asked me to go to their "Birth Options Clinic" first to meet with a consultant midwife that supposedly can answer a lot of my questions (e.g. can I have a list of midwives that are supportive of natural births on the labour ward?). I'm not sure what that is, but I'll find out this Friday!
I thought if anyone out there was in a similar situation we could compare notes.

MonicaLS Tue 27-Sep-11 19:09:59

just to clarify that's twice weekly antenatal YOGA classes! pregnancy brain strikes again!

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