Chase Farm or North Mid for childbirth??

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Eightieschild Tue 30-Oct-12 10:06:02

Hi. I have just had my third at Chase Farm hospital consultant led. I also am a healthcare professional. I cant compare it to north mid but i believe it is due to close in autumn while retaining the ridgeway birth centre, midwife led. I honestly think if you need consultant ked care and need hertford ward etc you may as well book elsewhere, esp for first baby. Medically the care is fine, however, there is a lack of clear cimmunication and compassion in my opinion. If I had not had 2 babies before, worked in medical field and had fairly low expectations of how well i would be looked after, i would have had a terrible time. There is a real culture of talking AT pregnant ladies not with them. I was in 3 days this time and what upset me the most was the way i iverheard midwives ib hertford ward speaking to ladies, followed by the tears i heard after they walked off. In a bay if 4 we had all cried in 24hours due to this! Hormones cant help but i know that tge way some midwives spoke was totally uncaring. There waa also an air of 'you should already know' which i had bith other times and this time i knew most things. They often 'tell people off' for not doibg something or knowing some rule on the ward! For example....who is meant to know whether you cant walk holding your baby on the ward, you must wheel it in cot. Or, what to do with your crying baby when you are in the toilet during the night?! There is a real 'telling off' vibe there. I just kept my head down and tried to just get on with things as i knew what i needed and what labour was like etc. Anither thing is that they often give the induction prostin / propess at night then ring a big school bell shouting that partners must leave at 8 leaving terrified, mildly contracting women all alone. I understand its the nhs and visitor policy but its all done so inflexibly and the poor ladies are all sobbing and scared. It happened to me and i spent all night praying labour would not start! Bonkers. This is turning into a rant, sorry. Labour ward was v good though. All 3 times :-). In summary, morale is poor (heard that from inside) and with it closing its not going to improve. Poor state of repair on hertford ward, showers were both.broken and just hoses, curtains old and no fans so unless u in ridgeway i would try north mid!! Good luck, sorry for spelling as doing on phone holding baby!

Pebble2012 Fri 21-Sep-12 00:10:01

Hi I need some advise/opinion please. I am expecting my first child and I choosed North Mid hospital over Chase Farm. The only reason is that I heard that Chase Farm is definately closing sometime in 2013. I am due April 2013. I would prefer Chase Farm shall I risk it and change from North Mid to Chase Farm or shall I just stay at North Mid? I really don`t know what to do.

Ivortheengine8 Sat 27-Aug-11 19:30:35

I am having mine in Chase farm in October and will be going it alone labour as DH will have to look after dd sad Bit scared....
I will be on the ward as being consultant led.

DianaPoz Sat 20-Aug-11 22:25:25

Hi, i live in Oakwood, and my gp only have me a choice of Chase Farm or Barnet, well I refused to go to either!
I did a self refferal for online to UCHL. I am 3 month now and they have been amazing, I understand that its a big distance for when you go into labour but really its worth it!

melwood Thu 18-Aug-11 18:03:04

Hi, I visited both the Chase Farm and Edgware Birth Centres and instantly made my decision. Edgware is hugely superior to Chase Farm, so I urge anyoen to go and visit. I had a wonderful water birth there, and was completely overwhelmed by the amazing care and attention I received there.

Just so you know Chase Farm only has 1 birthing pool which isn't plumbed in (and the lady who ran the unit said that midwives can be a bit funny about having to fill it up). Edgware, has 3 birthing pools all plumbed in, with low lighting and electric candles to create a lovely atmosphere. Also, Chase Farm is pretty shabby in comparison to Edgware decorwise. Edgware looks more like a private unit than NHS!!

When I went I was the only person there, so had 3 midwives during the birth. I got so much care afterwards to ensure I really knew how to breastfeed properly before they let me out.

I can't sing the praises of Edgware enough and recommend anyone without complications to go there.

Jenn76 Wed 17-Aug-11 04:30:42

I had my ds at Chase Farm in the labour ward and I thought they were amazing! I would definitely recommend going there.

Chocolatebrowniesandicecream Wed 29-Jun-11 18:03:59

I was in Chase Farm for 10 days in the Hertford Ward (Pre and post delivery) and Labour Ward for a planned Caesarean, and was very happy with my care. Great staff, good food, Special electroncially controlled folding beds for those who've had Caesareans. I would say they do get busy and if you're in for an induction they regularly get postponed for a significant minority as the Labour Ward is too full downstairs. (at least during my 10 days). The team and mid-wife in the Labour Suite during the op were best of all, kind, funny, professional...fantastic. Upstairs the mid-wives are busy, but kind. Hope it all goes well for you, wherever.

susannahcc Sun 05-Jun-11 00:02:23

I had an emergency caesarian at North Mid and was kept in for nearly 3 weeks. It was hellish - staff were often quite rude and not sympathetic or friendly, it was not clean enough, had to get my other half to bring in food EVERY day as food was so bad. In complete contrast, I had an overnight procedure at Chase Farm last month. Both clinical care and nursing was outstanding, doctors seemed to give more facetime, wards were pristine. Food was still very bad though. Chase Farm every time.

catkin83 Fri 03-Jun-11 20:30:07

I've given birth in both and can't really recommend either I'm afraid. North Mid was especially awful though, really shockingly bad in every imaginable way. I really would avoid it. Friends of mine have had a good experience of Chase Farm in the birthing centre. For my last pregnancy I was referred to UCH because of complications and it was absolutely brilliant - a trek from Enfield but it was wonderful - reassuring attentive care throughout.

Fleurdebleurgh Mon 23-May-11 18:07:49

I had both of mine at Chase Farm and was dissatisfied with the care i recieved both times.

MegBusset Thu 19-May-11 17:24:39

I had both mine at the Ridgeway birthing centre at Chase Farm which was pretty good, I've heard less good things about the labour ward (though no horror stories as such) so would definitely go there if poss. The Edgware birthing centre is also supposed to be v good.

babynelly2010 Thu 19-May-11 17:21:29

If you can avoid both of these hospitals and go for Whittington. If not an option go for chase farm deffinedly but don't go near North Mid. I read horror stories about North Mid.... Whittington has a wonderful birthing centere I had my daughter there in February and it was a very positive experience.

CB76 Mon 16-May-11 10:38:50

I am expecting my first child and need to make a decision about which hopsital to choose for my care and ultimately the birth. Can anyone share thier recent experiences of Chase Farm or North Mid maternity units please to help me decide! Thanks

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