Is Cheshunt a good place to live?

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playthedayaway Thu 17-Mar-11 14:06:31

Possibly moving to Cheshunt, is it an o.k place to live? I don't know anyone there so very nervous about it!

bruffin Sat 16-Apr-11 09:56:37

I have lived there for nearly 20 years.
It's not a trendy area
but benefits are

3 train stations - so easy access to london
Lots of parks and the Lea Valley
Plenty for children to do especially older ones ie HYMB, scout groups, grundy park leisure etc
Brookfield shops are okay
good choice of primary schools
secondary schools are improving and you can get into Broxbourne/John Warner with aptitude tests.
Asked my 15 year old he likes the fact most things he does in Cheshunt he can walk to.
It's quiet and you have the best of both worlds ie countryside walks and 20 minutes into the centre of London

Don't like
Wouldn't move to other side of A10 (left as you are going north) as other than Brookfiled Farm there is very little to do

Waltham Cross end a little seedy and imported crime from London ie they come in on the train mug someone (ds was mugged at WX station) the nip back. Although it is normally fairly safe.

ensure Fri 08-Jul-11 10:29:55

My view is...

There's not much for adults to do, I think that's true of many places just outside the m25 though, London sucks the culture away! That's the only negative I can think of.

The access to London is great. The countryside is fantastic, tons of walks over the Lea Valley easily accessible for those with prams or for children on their bikes. There's all the watersports things on offer too, canoeing, sailing, the new white-water-rafting centre down the road!

It's got everything you need really, library, sports centre, post office, nice Surestart centres, playgrounds for little children and for older children...

I don't think the secondaries are meant to be very good.

Browntemptation Wed 16-Aug-17 19:55:25

Thanks for the info. I am looking to move into cheshunt with my children.

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